SCVOA Board Members

The SCVOA Board is made up of the Presidents of each member organization. These member organizations or units are all geographically distributed throughout the Southern California region. The SCVOA has the ability to create, delete or redefine these geograpical areas, as needed.

SCVOA Position Name Phone E-mail Base Unit
President Hyman Gibson 909-471-1748 Foothill-Citrus
Vice-President Dusty Orvis 702-420-4658 Orange County
Secretary Todd Frost 626-644-2785 San Gabriel
Treasurer Diana Johnson 562-239-5943 Long Beach
Board Member Eddie Strzelczyk 760-578-0201 Coachella Valley
Board Member Tony Vasquez 323-573-8833 San Gabriel
Board Member Aaron Bayles 419-689-9264 Los Padres
Board Member Gilbert Estrada 562-440-4427 Long Beach
Board Member Jared Gibson 619-410-6103 San Fernando
Board Member Twyla Thomas 666-943-2260 Mojave Desert
Board Member Len Johnson 562-239-5944 South Bay
Board Member Sheryll Soocey 909-238-9127 Inland
Board Member Jack Richards 805-797-8856 Channel Coast
Board Member Maurice Lessard 7608859555 LSSRD6@AOL.COM Victor Valley
Board Member Derwin Jordan 213-804-6465 Los Angeles
Webmaster Lloyd Stevens 213-910-7674 San Fernando