Using the SCVOA Courses' site.

This forum topic is a step-by-step guide for students using the SCVOA Courses Site.

  • To simplify site maintenance there is a separate web site for SCVOA training at
  • To access most classes/courses on the Courses site you must be a member of SCVOA and have already have a login account on this site.  If you do not have an account see the forum topic "Initial Access".
  • Your username/password for the Courses site is the same as for the main SCVOA site.  If you do not remember your username and/or password see the forum topic for "Forgot Password".  Resetting your password on the main SCVOA site will automatically and instantly change your password on the Course site so they always will be the same. 



  1. Go to the SCVOA Courses Site at
  2. If you are NOT logged you will see "welcome guest" at the top of the window
  3. Click on "LOGIN" in the top right corner as shown


Browsing Available Courses  

After logging in there will be a menu of icons down the left side of the window. 

Clicking on the "MY COURSES" icon will display a list of courses that you have already been enrolled in.  Courses are displayed in the order that you enrolled with the latest course on top.

Clicking on the "TRAINING CATALOGUE" icon will display a list of courses that are available to you but have not enrolled in yet. 





You can expand/hide the icon descriptions by clicking on the menu icon at the bottom of the menu (highlighted in red).