See Rule 11-2

Teams may NOT use a ball on the court during time-outs.

MECHANICS/RULE CHANGE Between Sets & Time-Out Procedures (NFHS Rule 5-5-3b -12…. Rule 5-8-3a…..Rule 5-5-3b-14): SCVOA PROCEDURE (NO CHANGE FOR US): This is no change for SCVOA procedures; however, it is discussed in the webinar so we felt it was necessary to put in writing as it is a CIF State Clarification for other organizations) If the R2 is busy, the R1 can blow the warning whistle. (Rule 5-4-3c-17).

  • Time Outs: The R2 whistles a warning when there is 15 seconds left in the timeout.

    • The R2 directs the Timer to sound the horn at 60 seconds to officially end the Time-Out period.

    • R2 signals the number of time-outs used by both teams to the R1.

    • If both teams are on the floor & ready to play prior to the 15 second warning whistle, R2 double tweets, tells the timer to turn off the clock and give a single horn/buzzer.

    • Any time the clock is at 7 or less, just let it go to “0”. Let the horn end the time out.

  • Between Sets: The R2 whistles a warning at 2 minutes/30 seconds (when there is 30 seconds left in the timeout). The horn will be used to end the Time-out period. The R2 directs the Timer to sound the horn when 3 minutes have expired UNLESS both teams are on the court. (turn the horn off)


See Rule 11-2 Penalties

Teams may NOT leave the gym or go to the locker room during a match.


See Rule 10-2-5