Study Guide Access

This forum topic is a step-by-step guide for students using the SCVOA Courses Site.

  • To simplify site maintenance there is a separate web site for SCVOA training at
  • To access most classes/courses/lessons/quizes on the Courses site you must be a member of SCVOA and have already have a login account on this site.  If you do not have an account see the forum topic "Initial Access".
  • Your username/password for the Courses site is the same as for the main SCVOA site.  If you do not remember your username and/or password see the forum topic for "Forgot Password".  Resetting your password on the main SCVOA site will automatically and instantly change your password on the Course site so they always will be the same. 



Accessing the Courses Site  

You may access the course site directly by going to

For convenience a link is provide on the main SCVOA site to direct you to the courses site.

Your unit may also provide you will a link that will direct you to courses specific to your unit.


Login to Courses Site  

On the courses site at

In the upper right corner click on LOGIN, enter the
SAME username/password that you use on the main
SCVOA site and
click on the green LOGIN button.



Training Catalog  
Clink on the icon for the Training Catalog to see available courses.


Enroll in Class/Course  

To enroll in a class/course in the list

click on button at the

right side of the list.

On the next screen confirm that you want to enroll in the class
on the next screen clink on .

Depending on the settings for the course you may be enrolled immediately or
you may not be enrolled until approved by your instructor.


Test Information  

To view information about the test click on the lesson title

in any area as shown.

Do NOT click on "Unsubscribe from group" or you will lose all of your course credit.



There was a downloadable .pdf of a Study Guide Completion Certificate that used to be under the My Achievements button in the left navigation but no longer appears to be there. What happened to it and how do officials get that .pdf