Safety Concerns - Southern Section Proceedure.

If there is lack of proper padding or covering (see Rule 3-1-3), or the center line is not marked/no tape (see Rule 2-1-4), and the school refuses to make it legal by rule…..

The official shall suspend the match time, and call the SS Office to obtain a ruling on the status of the contest

The SS direct line to Assistant Commissioner Brandi Stuart is 562-493-9500 x 226   

Later than night send an email to Joanne Venditto, SCVOA CIF SS Rep and your Area Liaison & Assignor

If you get email from officials after the fact, with/without pictures re the lack of padding/covering, or the center line is not marked and the school does not want to put the line down or pad the appropriate equipment…..

·         Forward the email w pictures if you have them to Brandi Stuart, Assistant Commissioner   Email is

·         Cc the following:  Joanne Venditto, SCVOA CIF SS Representative and your Assignor