2018/2019 FCVOA Registration Information

It is the time of the year to register and prepare for the instruction to officiate high school volleyball for the 2018-19 seasons.  We will be holding our General Meeting from 6 pm on June 7 in the library at Covina High School, 463 Hollenbeck Ave, Covina, CA.  We expect all members to attend.

A. Registration

We use an online registration process for the Association. All potential members must be registered on the website If you registered the previous year, you must log in and accept the current year “Code of Ethics”.

All members must be registered and accepted code of ethics by June 6. If you are not registered by June 6 or accepted your Code of Ethics, a late fee of $25 will be imposed.

Instructions for Registration:

1.     Go to

2.     Click on “Log In”

3.     Click on “Create new account”

4.     Fill out the form with your information, the code at the bottom is “naso2014”

5.     Once the account is created click on “Log In”

6.     Enter your username and password you just created

7.     You should be prompted to accept the Code of Ethics the first time you log in

8.     Your registration is now complete

B. Membership Fees

Your membership fees are listed below. This fee includes your officials insurance with NASO, cost for rule/case books, administrative costs, and an end of summer luncheon. The INSTRUCTIONAL FEE is paid to the Instructional Chair and their team to conduct your training as an official. And the ASSIGNING FEE DEPOSIT is paid to our Assignor for matches assigned to you. Any remaining balance of this deposit will be refunded to the official after the Fall season. The fees are listed below.

       Membership Fee:  $115 payable to SCVOA Foothill Citrus

       Instructional Fee:  $30 payable to Ken Boyd

       Assigning Fee Deposit:  $50 payable to Nathan Sullivan

Please send all payments to:

c/o Steve O’Connell
5749 Hellman Ave.
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91737

The fees must be received by May 31st.  There will be a late charge of $15 imposed on any fees received between June 1st to June 6th.  If the fees are received on June 7th there will be a $25 late charge.

C. Association Meeting

       Meeting Date:                     June 7th, 2018

       Meeting Time:                     6pm - 8pm

       Location:                                Covina High School Library

Officials are required to attend this meeting to receive information about the upcoming season of training. We will break down the official's packet, finalize any changes, and answer any questions regarding how to become an official or how to re-certify.

D. Walk Ins

If a potential member attends our Association Meeting and has not registered and/or paid, we will accept them as a walk-in applicant at the Association Meeting on June 7th. We will complete their registration on a computer and collect all the necessary fees including a walk-in fee of $50. If a potential member is unable to produce fees at this meeting they will not be allowed membership for the current year.

E. Late Memberships

Any person that wishes to sign up, register, or pay after June 7th will be denied membership for the current year.

F. Outstanding Assigning Fees

If any official still has an outstanding balance with the Assignor from previous seasons and it is not paid in full at or before the Association Meeting on June 7th, they will be denied membership for the current year.