Ref Pay Info and Instruction


Last season, at least five high schools (Animo Leadership, Environmental Charter, Palos Verdes, Peninsula and Redondo) opted to use ArbiterPay to pay officials. This season, that number figures to grow. To ensure you are paid promptly and fully, please follow the steps below to link this ArbiterSports account (#101814) with your ArbiterPay account.

If you don't already have a ArbiterPay account, register by going to and following the steps below. 

1) Click “SIGN UP TODAY” 

2) Select “Sports Official” 

3) Enter your personal information (this is an eight-step process and has a 128-bit encrypted security, which is a website standard).

Once you have created your account -- or if you already have an ArbiterPay account -- you will need to log-in to link the SCSOA-SoBay (Group #101814) for direct pay. Usually it takes about 24 hours for newly created ArbiterPay accounts to become available to be linked to ArbiterSports groups. To add this group please click this link for a video tutorial or follow the instructions below:

ArbiterPay Video

To add the SCSOA-SoBay group:

1) Sign into Arbiter

2) Select Payments tab

3) Select ArbiterPay tab

4) Enter User Name

5) Click green plus icon

6) Check all group numbers you are in so that you will not have to repeat these steps in the future when another group adds ArbiterPay (or, at least, Group #101814)

7) Enter your four digit security key

8) Click the blue disk save button

If you work any game where payment comes from any of the schools listed above, you can only be paid There is no other option.