Ratings Protocol


General Guidelines

  1. It is important to remember that EVERY TIME you step onto the court to officiate a match (regardless of the level or time of year) you are being observed and evaluated. Players, parents, fans, and other officials will all be assessing your level of competence and professionalism. How you handle each situation you encounter will have an impact on your rating. The “official” rating you receive each year is impacted by every interaction you have whether it’s an informal summer league game or a CIF State Finals match.
  2. The Instructional Chair will publish annually the following items for the rating and evaluation process:
    1. FCVOA Rating Designations (provided in the FCVOA by-laws)
    2. List of Rating Committee members. Committee membership shall be established each year, prior to the beginning of the summer instructional sessions, by the Instructional Chair and will be approved by the board.

When We Get Rated

  1. All new officials, C5, C4, and C3 officials will be rated yearly during FCVOA summer on-court instructional sessions and will maintain that rating for one year. Officials will be notified via e-mail of their rating prior to the beginning of the fall volleyball season.
  2. All C2, C1, and C1* officials will be reviewed every 3 years during summer leagues or during appropriate pre-season games

How to Move Up

  1. Officials wishing to move up to a C2, C1, or C1* rating must do the following:
    1. Submit a written request (via e-mail) to the FCVOA Instructional Chair, Unit Assignor, Unit President, and Sec/Treas prior to August 1st. (Feb 1st for C1* requests)
    2. The ratings committee will review the requests for upgrade and inform each official if they believe the official is “ready” for this level of performance. If the recommendation is that they are NOT ready, the official still has the option of requesting a formal rating and submitting the appropriate fees to the FCVOA Sec/Treas.
    3. Submit a check for $150 to the FCVOA Sec/Treas prior to August 15th. (Feb 15th for C1* requests)
    4. No rating upgrade will be performed if items A and C above are not completed by the deadline.
    5. Once the check has been received, a rater(s) will be assigned to watch the official as an R1 and an R2 on a Varsity match on an appropriate level match during the season. The rater(s) and/or Instructional Chair will contact the official via e-mail prior to the rating match to verify start time.
    6. Each rater(s) will conduct a post match conference with the official and inform them whether they passed that session. The rater will provide a copy of the rating sheet to the Instructional Chair who will also provide a copy to the official.
    7. The final outcome of the rating upgrade will be determined by the ratings committee at least 30 days prior to the end of the girls regular season (or boys regular season if going for C1*).
    8. Other factors will be weighed other than the actual ratings sessions in determining if the official passes or fails. For example, professionalism, dedication to the sport/unit, and other traits.
    9. If an official wishes to upgrade “multiple ratings levels” (C3 to C1) and fails their ratings session, they will retain their originally designated rating. They will not obtain the “in-between” rating level.
    10. If a rating upgrade is successful, the new rating does not go into effect until after the next season (either boys or girls). The official will obtain a probationary upgrade for the upcoming season (either girls or boys). If for some reason the official fails to perform at their new rating level they will not receive their rating upgrade.
    11. If an official strongly disagrees with the rating decision, we will perform another rating session using an out-of-unit rater, but the official will have to pay the fee again.

If Moved down

  1. If an official is moved down.
    1. If during your yearly practical or your 3 year review you are moved down a rating, you can request an upgrade by following the procedure in Item 5.
    2. If an official still disagrees with the rating decision, we will perform another rating session using an out of unit rater, but the official will have to pay the fee yet again.