Presidents Welcome Message

  I’d like to especially thank those of you who are returning for your second year.  Your first year, with learning all the rules, had to be an eye-opening experience. You also got a chance to work with some veteran officials as well as stepping into the arena of volleyball.  There were times when it may have overwhelmed you with all of what each player can and cannot do.  I congratulate you for making the decision to return.  You are making a big step in the direction towards becoming a high school volleyball official.  Focus on learning more and listen to what others might offer to help you improve.  Remember also, someday you will be offering advice to the new ones that follow in your footsteps.

         To everyone else, I suggest that you pick one thing about yourself that you want to work on this upcoming year to make yourself a better official.  Personally, I need to remember that the rulebook and casebook need to be reviewed all year long, not just in the classroom. 
            Len JohnsonPresident South Bay Unit SOCALVOA