It is absolutely vital that all padding, covering, and safety concerns are addressed prior to warm-ups! Our liability begins from the time the officials arrive within the visual confines of the playing area. If a playing area cannot be made legal then that match MAY NOT be held. The R1 official must report any incident to their Unit Assignor and Unit President immediately. Those individuals will then contact the area liaison and the CIF-SS Representative to address the situation.

If there is more than 1 official scheduled to work a varsity match then BOTH officials must be courtside prior to the end of timed warm-ups. This specifically applies to the varsity match being played after a frosh/JV split. This may not be altered regardless of any official’s or coach’s wishes. The 20-minute warm-up time may be started prior to both assigned officials being courtside.

The pre-game conference is to be brief and concise.

Improve communication with the Table Crew
Meet with the table crew & determine their level of skill early, so you can prepare for the match.
Make sure they have 2 different colored pen/pencils (the color is not specified)
Review with the table crew

The 20 minute warm-up time includes the final 3 minute “dead time” prior to the beginning of the match. This is important because the rosters are to be submitted to the score table by each team 10 minutes prior to the end of the timed prematch warm-up and the starting lineups are due 2 minutes prior to the end of the timed prematch warm-up. Officials must verify with the coaches that their submitted roster is accurate before accepting it. A team must be sanctioned a point/loss of rally for submitting an inaccurate roster. Also, if the submitted lineup is inaccurate that team must be sanctioned with a point/loss of rally.

Question:           Pre-Match Warmup and end of timeouts – Should it be whistle or horn that is used by the R2?  with the serving team/receiving teams to begin/end their 6 minute warmup periods/ to end Time outs after the R2 warning whistle.

Answer:            The horn must be used. Only in a situation where a horn is not available should the whistle be used.

NEW as of Fall 2014  Coaches must wear appropriate athletic footwear while actively warming up with their teams. Sandals, heels, bare feet, etc., are not appropriate footwear while actively warming up their teams. Actively warming up does not include tossing a ball but does include any hitting, serving or passing drills in which the coach is performing these actions. Officials should error to the side of safety/liability, not to the comfort level or cultural level of the coaches/schools/geographic area in which the match is taking place. All team members must always wear appropriate athletic footwear while on the playing surface. See latest info HERE

When checking the lineup of each team, the R2 will begin by standing on one team’s sideline. Once that team’s lineup has been verified the R2 will indicate that a libero replacement, if any, may now take place. The R2 will repeat this procedure with the other team. The R2 should make every effort to not enter the court to verify a team’s lineup. The game ball shall remain at the score table until both lineups have been verified and any libero replacements or substitutions have been completed.