Overlapping (Rule 6-4-3)


OVERLAPPING: There has been no changes in the rule. Based on the rule/case books, players can be equal, but not overlapping. The player cannot be closer to any sideline, end line, or centerline then their corresponding player. If it’s not obvious to the R2 when standing at the R2 position, let it go.

The details in the books….are found on the following pages for reference:

  • RULE BOOK (Page 104 (I ) …. the position on the floor of the player’s is the ONLY criterion.

  • RULE BOOK (Page 29 (Rule 6-4-3-b) All players, including the libero, shall be in correct serving order.

  • CASEBOOK (Page 105 – Overlapping – last paragraph)

    • The important thing to remember is when watching for overlapping is the position of ADJACENT players (side to side and front to back)

    • The official must consider only the foot touching the floor when judging an overlap.

  • CASEBOOK (Page 109 – Example of overlapping violation) The foot of the left back player is no longer equal to the left front player. The back-row player has at least part of one foot in front of both feet of the front row player.