National Ahthem

Position of officials (CIF STATE Clarification- website webinar): When there are introductions and/or the national anthem is part of the pre-match protocol, the officials take specific positions near the standards.

  • R1/L1 Stand to the right side of the official’s stand

  • R2/L2 Stand to the right of the standard on the side with the score table


SCVOA REMINDER: If certified Line Judges are assigned, they are part of the officiating crew and participate in this procedure. If students/adults are Line Judges, they do not participate in this procedure.


If there are no introductions and no National Anthem (ask event management in advance) the R1 will walk across the court during the last 3 minutes of the warm up period as the teams are in their final huddle. The R1 will get up on the stand and bring the players together once the horn has gone off ending the warm up period, and the players from both teams are on the end line.


The R1 will beckon the teams onto the court to start the match when they are positioned on the referee platform (not from the floor) (CIF State clarification – July 29, 2017 webinar) – this is a repeat of previous paragraph