Minutes of Board meetings 5/30

Board Meeting : May 30, 2019

Place:  Westchester Community Center

Time:   5:00 PM

 Meeting called to order at 5:22 PM  due to confusion on meeting site location.

 Members Present:  Len Johnson, Tom Horwitz, Jim Steinauer, Kent Lee, Troy Gravett, Rob Freidrich, Kalani Ongais, Earl Varquez.

 Minutes Approved:  Minutes from the 4/17/19 Meeting were approved as submitted.  Rob Motioned, Tom Seconded, Members approved.

Proposed that future Minutes be distributed to the Board within 10 business days of Meeting.  Preliminary Minutes to be reviewed by Board Members and approved or, amended and approved within 5 business days (15th business day).  Publish approved Minutes via email and website to all members prior to 20th business day.  This is per the guidelines within the  By-laws and motion passed for all Board Meeting Minutes.  All Unit members will receive at least 24 hours notice of time and location of Board Meetings so that they may attend at their choosing.  Motion passed.

 Treasurer’s Report: For the Fiscal Year 2018-2019, the Unit ran a deficit of $113.36.  The Bank Balance as of 4/30/19 is $7295.17.  The Bank Balance as of 5/30/19 is $7956.18 with no major expenses outstanding.  Treasurer’s Report approved as submitted, Rob motioned, Tom seconded.

Board stipend payments tabled pending clarifications.

Previous Instructional Chairperson’s Invoice for Boy’s Season activity denied payment.

Lines Supplement up to $50 will continue to be paid for Regional and State Playoffs.

Computer Liaison:  The timing for the Study Guide 2019 will be no later than the first week of August.  The Test will be opened at an as yet undetermined date.

Sign Up Genius will be used for the On Court assignments.  Rob and Kalani to coordinate slotting and overflow.

Election will be done via Ballot Bin.  Kalani to coordinate with Jim on timing for ealy July dates.

 Assignor: Operation and control of Arbiter system has been transferred to Lenny, Earl and Kalani from Barbara.  Earl, in conjunction with Lenny, to send out emails to all AD’s and schools, introducting themselves and requesting schedules before current school year ends.

 Vice President: Recommended as Ratings Committee Chair that 2 members be upgraded based on formal observations, 1 downgrade tabled, and 3 lower level members be upgraded.  All items tabled.

 Rob : Linespeople working were unqualified to work Semi-Final (C4/C3) but sent without any review and no review of Playoff Assignments prior to issue. Playoff assignments must be turned around quickly but needed to have some Board review before sending assignments to people.  Tabled.

 Mentoring Plan to be discussed at next Board Meeting.  Term Limits on Assignoer position to be discussed at next Board Meeting.  Proposal to track schools with Score Table problems to be on next Agenda.  Recommend that they hire Unit Members to work the Table.

 Sought clarification as to term length and limits on President position.  Lenny to seek clarification from By-Laws and Presidents Council.

 Requirements need to be communicated to personnel for On Court Training uniform and dress code.

Next Board Meeting: Westchester Community Center, 8/15/19, at 5:00 PM.

 Meeting Adjourned: 6:42 PM Motioned and Seconded to facilitate start of Registration Meeting. 

Jim Steinauer

Secretary – Treasurer, SCVOA South Bay