Message from the Instructional Chair

  Greetings Fellow Official,


      Another season of volleyball is upon us and we want to welcome you to the Los Angeles Volleyball Association. The 2019-20 instruction period will consist of classroom sessions that will be geared towards improving our officials’ understanding of the rules with an in depth review of the NFHS rule book in a group setting. This includes our more experienced officials with a “rules review,” with the idea of not just reading the rules, but how to apply it while maintaining “the spirit of the game.”  For the less experienced and newer officials the classroom sessions will serve as both a re-iteration of the guidelines and protocols that has been previously presented, and an introduction to the game of volleyball.  The hope is that during our instruction, all involved will be exposed to material for their education and training.


      The lesson format has been developed whereby our officials will receive the materials necessary for them to not only pass the required study guide and certification exam, but to effectively manage a high school volleyball match. By discussing a variety of items within the areas of rules, mechanics and philosophy during training, will help make our officials better. Additionally in the Los Angeles Unit, we have the privilege of being able to put into practice what we study in the classroom by having our on-court training being an integral part of the Elizabeth Learning Center summer league. It is here that we believe sets the foundation for our officials to excel in their understanding of how to effectively manage a high school match, whether it is improving ones’ proficiency in ball handling; improving ones’ mechanics; or better understanding the changing offensive patterns that teams are using. This all happens during the summer league.


    For the past few years, the Southern California Volleyball Officials Association had an arrangement with National Association Sports Officials where both the study guide and the certification exam were administered on the NASO website. This year it appears that the SCVOA has worked diligently to make it possible for the both the study guide and certification exam be completed on the SCVOA website. This expectation will provide easier access for those needing to complete the material and those needing to review the results.


      We look forward to another informative and enlightening year and hope that everyone has the best in the 2019-20 season.



 Robert Simpson 

 Instructional Chair LA volleyball