Message from the Assignor

Information from the Assignor


  • You will receive your schedules via email alerts from the Arbiter website.

  • Make a copy of your schedule and keep it in your car. Check your schedule EVERY DAY on the Arbiter for the upcoming week and call, text or email your partners.

  • If you accept a match, work the match! If you must cancel a match contact your assignor.

  • Never switch a match you have accepted without contacting your assignor.

    Officials Responsibilities

  • As the R1, at least one day prior to your assigned game, you are required to contact your partner to make sure that you are going to the right place at the right time.

  • Both officials should arrive at the home site at least 30 minutes prior to game time and conduct a pre-game conference.

  • If you cannot arrive 30 minutes before match time contact your partner and advise him/her so he/she can proceed with pregame duties.


  • All officials should setup an account on the RefPay system in preparation for any schools that may use this method of payment. Either Click on the RefPay link on this site, inside Arbiter or go to and click "Sign up today." 


  • Varsity match: Two officials R1-$75, R2-$65

  • Varsity match: One official $84

  • JV and Frosh/Soph Match: R1 $55,R2 $51

  • Line Judges: $51.50

       Assigning Fees:

  • All assignments are $4 each match which includes:

    • Varsity Match

    • JV Match

    • Frosh/Soph Match

    • Lines