Legal Uniforms - General (Rule 4-2)

Rule 4-2-Penality #1: "When a player wearing an illegal uniform attempts to enter the set, unnecessary delay (administrative yellow card for the first offense or red card for subsequent offense in that set) shall be assessed the team. The player shall not enter the set until the illegal uniform is replaced or made legal."

If a team has 6 (or more) players in legal uniforms to begin the match and other players in illegal uniforms (number placement, like-colored, etc.) only the players with legal uniforms shall be allowed to play.  The player(s) with illegal uniform shall not enter the set until their illegal uniform is replaced or made legal.

Rule 4-2-Penality #3: "When a team cannot begin the match with six players wearing legal uniforms, a loss of rally/point shall be awarded to the opponent at the beginning of the match, and the state association shall be notified."

CIF-SS Clarification: This is a TEAM penalty so once the TEAM has been penalized for not having sufficient players with legal uniforms the TEAM shall be allowed to play. Any other subsequent team members (substitutes or libero) entering the set with an illegal uniform are covered by the penalty point awarded at the beginning of the match and should be allowed to play without an additional penalty.

Question:      When there is a uniform violation for both teams, do we just ignore it?

Answer:        No, penalize both teams by rule   

Any player(s) attempting to enter the set with illegal equipment (jewelry, brace, etc) shall not enter the set and and be penalized appropriately (see Illegal Equipment) even if the team was penalized at the beginning of the match for not having 6 players with legal uniforms.


When a team requests an accommodation (see Rule 4) for a player, refer them to the CIF State Office.

CIF STATE DIRECTIVE 2017/18: Letter of Authorization for Special Consideration (NFHS Point of Emphasis):

The coach must make the letter of authorization available to the officials. It’s not enough to say they have one. The officials must verify what the letter stipulates for the special consideration. (example Casebook Rule 4-1-Note 2-A & B) The letter must come from the Section or State Office, NOT from the principal or Athletic Director.


Uniform rules apply to VARSITY level matches.

CLEARLY VISIBLE NUMBERS – this is what we are looking for this year.

Coaches are responsible for their players – not referees

Don't use the term "illegal" -- Use the term "non-compliant".

Multiple manufacturer logos rarely impact identification of the Libero or recognition of a number. Leave it alone.

There can be a single mascot on shirt sleeve or body of the uniform top.

If there are letters on the sleeves of the uniform top, this is a multi-colored shirt.

Either the team uniform or Libero shall have a solid color uniform top; and there will be a contrasting uniform top on the other. A CLEAR CONTRAST to the per-dominant color of the other uniform stop.

Hard & unyielding items are illegal

Rubber zipper is ok