LA City Playoff Protocol



  • R1 of crew should contact all officials listed on match one (1) day prior to match to confirm assignment.
  • R1 & crew should exchange contact info for emergency purposes.
  • R1 should arrive at game site one (1) hour prior to match time
  • R2 should arrive at game site at least forty-five (45) minutes prior to match time,
  • Lines persons should arrive at game site no later than thirty (30) minutes prior to match time.

All officials are expected to arrive to the match on time and in the appropriate uniform. If there are issues which arise prior to match time please contact the R1. Please do not wear “black under shirts”, unauthorized shirts, black socks, faded or “not navy blue pants”, & shoes that are too worn or aren’t white.


  • Upon arrival R1 sets game clock for COIN TOSS; which should be at 6:45 real time; checks the site & playing area for safety concerns.
  • Conduct pregame with R2 (discuss playing area, communication, game protocols).
  • Conduct pregame with Lines persons (review area(s) of responsibility, expectations during match).
  • R1 should check net, R2 check game balls.

During period prior to the coin toss teams are allowed to share the court, but must warm-up on their side. There is no hitting or serving over the net. This is also a time in which uniforms can be checked for legality.


  • Conduct coaches & captains conference at 6:45; verify that all players are “legally equipped”; discuss ground rules playing area; ask if there are questions.
  • R2 ensures that the horn sounds for the visitors to take court for 6 minutes of warm-up at 6:47.
  • R2 conducts pregame with assistant officials (libero tracker, scorekeeper, timer)
  • Both teams must provide rosters by 6:50, approx 4 minutes into the visitors’ warm-ups on game clock.
  • After horn sounds to end visitors warm-ups, R2 ensures that the home team the court for their 6 minutes of warm-up. Approximately 5 minutes into warm-ups of the home team, both line ups should be received, as it is due no later than 2 minutes prior to the start of the match.
  • After horn sounds to end warm ups, R2 instructs timer to place one (1) minute on clock, then start clock and allow this time to run out.

Late or inaccurate line ups result in a loss of serve/point to the opposing team to start the match, so please inform coaches of the roster, line up deadlines during the conference.

Find out from host management or the coach whether or not there will be introductions & the singing of the national anthem prior to the start of the match. After the end of timed warm-ups, the R1 & lines person 1 will go to the stand-side of the court and face the table. The R1 & lines person 1 shall stand on the right side, with the R1 closest to the net. The R2 & lines person 2 will be table side on the left side, with the R2 closest to the net. The lines people should place their flags on the table/stand during the introductions. After the announcements have concluded, the R1 “calls” the teams to the net; the R2 checks the table to ensure that the game clock is reset to 1 minute, the score is “zeroed-out”, & prepares for the line-up check.  The lines people follow the boundaries of the court to their positions. If your match has shaggers & is using the “3-ball” retrieval system, the lines-people will each take a ball & give it to the nearest shagger after the R2 has given the game ball to the server.


  • R1 should defer to R2 on net , center-line violations
  • R2 should be engaged in the game by being aware of situations where assistance is needed; prompt with subs; ensure bench decorum.
  • Lines persons should be aware of plays occurring in there areas of responsibility.


  • R2 initiates call – whistle, step to the side of the net that violated and signal the fault. If it involves a player in the net, the R2 signals the net fault & the players’ number. If in agreement the R1 displays the result of the play & the offending players’ number. The R2 mirrors the result of the play signal.
  • Time out protocol – Upon a teams’ request for a time out, the R2 will double whistle, signal “time-out”, then with arms out-stretched & held shoulder high, show to the R1 the number of time outs each team has taken. The R2 will ensure that the timer starts the clock; check that the scorer has recorded the time out for the appropriate team. During this time the score sheet should also be checked for discrepancies; ensure that the score sheet & scoreboard agree and also the status of the libero. If both teams are still in the huddle with 15 seconds on the clock, the R2 should blow a “warning whistle”, with the clock horn sounding to end the time out. Prior to "returning the court"; The R2 will administer any subs, then signal to the R1 how many time outs each team has used and return court”.
  • Deciding set protocol – When it appears that a team has won the set, the R1 will whistle & give the end-of-set signal; confirm the final score with the R2 & direct the teams to their respective bench areas. The R2 shall double whistle & signal, holding the coin above the head to call the captains to the officials’ table to conduct the toss, with the home team captain calling. The R2 indicates to the R1 with an open hand, arm extended which team shall serve, then signal if the teams will change or remain at their current benches. Upon the R1s’ signal to direct teams to their bench, the R2 shall give each coach their line-up; instruct the timer to start the 3 minute clock & give the results of the toss to the scorer. The R2 shall ensure to collect the lineup sheets from the coaches no later than 2 minutes following the set.


  • Review “collegiate” style scoring
  • R2 is to ensure accuracy of score sheet after each set by signing both officials’ names’ and making sure that the score keeper also signs the score sheet.

After the match a post game should be conducted with the full crew, with the R1 of the match being responsible to report any issues which occurred during the match to the assignor & instructional chair.