2017/18 Instructional Plan for Foothill-Citrus

Your Instructional Chair for the 2017/18 season is Patrick Bradley.
His contact information is on the main FCVOA page along with the rest of the board members.

This is the instructional packet for the year 2017. This document outlines the requirements to become a volleyball official with the Foothill Citrus Volleyball Officials Association.

Individuals must meet the below requirements in order to be certified:

  1. Submit all necessary fees and forms required by the Association.

  2. Attend the required amount of training. 18 hours required by the State.

  3. Able to meet the physical demands of the profession.

  4. Pass rules exam.

  5. Pass on court evaluation.

Instructional Hours Overview (18 hours minimum)

  • On-court - 9 hours (See below)

  • Classroom - 6 hours (See below)

  • Study Guide – 1 hour (Online)

  • Rules Exam – 1 hour (Online)

  • Practical Evaluation – 1 hour (See below)

On Court Hours

On court sessions are all located at: Forza1 Volleyball Club, 3008 Inland Empire Blvd, Ontario, CA 91764

  • (Frosh-Mondays) July 3rd - 24th/Times TBD (New officials and C5’s only)

  • (JV-Wednesdays) July 5th - 26th/Times TBD (C4 and C5)

  • (Varsity-Thursdays) July 6th - 27th/Times TBD (C3 and up)

  1. On court sessions will be self-assigned through Arbiter. If you are new make sure we have your email and are added to Arbiter.

  2. You must attend (2) complete sessions of on court time, if it comes out to be more than 9 hours, so be it.

  3. All C2 and higher officials please sign up for observer slots, everyone else signs up for the other slots.

  4. If you feel the 9 hours of on court training is not enough, then find yourself a mentor and attend a different summer league. There is no need to sign up for this and it does NOT count as instructional hours.

  5. 3 officials will be used per court, 4 was too many, and this way if 1 doesn’t show up we are still covered.

  6. 2 observers will be responsible for 3 courts and will take basic notes on each official and share with official.

  7. Officials will be participating in mainly the R1 and R2 positions with a 3rd official rotating in.

  8. Officials will rotate positions on the court halfway through a set to 25. You will NOT rotate if the match goes to a 3rd set to 15.

  9. Show up to on court sessions early (remember the players have to warm up, and you need to check equipment). We should also be bringing more than just your whistle. Your usual game day equipment is required. If you are a brand new official and do not have anything yet, please ask the unit board or Instructional Chair.

  10. Referee stands will be provided for the league and there will be adequate room for an R2 to perform their duties.

  11. If a team uses a libero during the league they will do their best to have a different color shirt.

  12. Bring water, it will be hot!!

Classroom Hours

Classroom sessions are all at Damien High School, 2280 Damien Ave., La Verne, CA 91750.

  1. June 13th, 6 - 9pm; The Game (Rule 1), The Court (Rule 2), Game Equipment (Rule 3), Officials Responsibilities & Signals (Rule 5)

  2. June 15th, 6 - 9pm; During Play (Rule 9), Time-Outs and Intermissions (Rule 11), Conduct (Rule 12), Game Management, Protocols and Procedures

  3. June 20th, 6 - 9pm; Player Equipment and Uniform (Rule 4), The Team (Rule 6), Roster and Lineup (Rule 7), Substitutions & Libero (Rule 10), The Serve (Rule 8)

  4. June 22nd, 6 - 9pm; Video review, Alignments, Rotations, and Overlaps, Scoring

  1. All officials must attend (2) out of the (4) offered classrooms sessions. The classroom date of June 15th we will be showing all of the online material in a classroom setting. This class can either be done in person on the 15th or on your own at your own leisure, and will count as (1) of your (2) required sessions.

  2. If you are currently working NCAA matches and attend the NCAA clinic, then this can be used as one of your classroom sessions. So you still must attend 1 more classroom session.

  3. It will not be required to sign-up for classroom instruction. Just show up and sign the attendance sheet.

  4. Show up to the classroom sessions on time, with paper, pens/pencils, rule books and an attitude to learn.

Study Guide & Rules Exam

  1. The study guide and test are yet to be determined. Information will be sent out later on this.

  2. Study Guide is mandatory for all officials.

  3. Passing score of 80% on exam A, if failed exam B will be required. If exam B is failed you will not be certified.

Practical Evaluation

  1. If you are a C3 (or new) or lower you must sign up for a practical evaluation through Arbiter.
    The dates for the practicals are as follows:

    • July 24th (Frosh) - new and C5

    • July 19th (JV) - C4, C5

    • July 13th (Varsity) - C3+

  2. As well, if you are a C2 and higher and are due for your 3 year review, you need to sign up for a practical. The Instructional Chair will inform which officials need to do this.

  3. If you are unable to make the date listed for your rating then select another date. Keep in mind if you take a less challenging match you may not have a chance to show your skills.

  4. Normal attire is suitable for your practical evaluation. You DO NOT have to be in uniform.

  5. Rating/Observation sheets will be filed on each official.

  6. If an official is late or no show to their practical, or if they use their phone during a practical, they fail. No exceptions.

  7. Evaluations will be conducted by the Instructional Chair and elected C1/C2 officials.

Overall Instructional Points

  1. If officials do not pay their instructional fee at the time of the first unit meeting or before, they will not be allowed to participate in instruction until they pay.

  2. Check in with Observers for your attendance for on-court sessions.

  3. Casual attire is appropriate for classroom and on-court instruction. But use your common sense and remember there are children present.

  4. If you are unable to complete all of your hours due to scheduling conflicts then you must contact another unit and attend their instruction. An email from their board or instructor must be sent to our Instructional Chair in order for you to receive credit for attending.

  5. We will not babysit your hours, keep track of what dates you attend and what you are missing.


  • After all instruction is complete, and the practical evaluations are over, the Ratings Team will assign a rating to each official based off of your performance through the entire summer instructional period.

  • Please refer to the document located here for all ratings related questions.

  • The Ratings Team consists of : Patrick Bradley, Ty Boyd, Chappy Sullivan, Hyman Gibson, Dave Mooney.

Multi unit officials and hours

Guidelines for multi-unit volleyball officials that are full members in both units. In either case official MUST NOTIFY the Instructional Chair that they are a multi-unit official. If they do not, they will be required to attend full instruction.

FCVOA is your base unit

  • Pay full instructional fees.

  • Attend all required hours and meetings mandated in this instructional packet.

  • Assigned according to the normal assigning stipulations.

  • The FCVOA Instructional Chair will notify the other IC regarding your hours.

FCVOA is your secondary unit

  • Pay full instructional fees.

  • Attend a practical evaluation with FCVOA, unless newly rated by USAV or PAVO.

  • All unit meetings and classroom/on-court sessions must be attended in their base unit.

  • Assigned according to the normal assigning stipulations.

  • You must request that the Instructional Chair in your BASE unit email the FCVOA IC regarding your hours.

Associate/Crossover member

  • Pay crossover fee.

  • Not required to take any classroom or on-court training or a practical evaluation with FCVOA.

  • Their certification and rating need to be verified from the other unit’s board.

  • Official will be assigned after all full member officials are assigned.

Other leagues available for practice but not for hours:

Wednesday June 7th, Varsity at Garey, Ontario, Pomona, from 6-9pm, for 4 weeks.

Friday June 9th, JV at Garey and Ontario, from 6-9pm, for 4 weeks.