Initial Access

Access to some areas of this site are restricted to members of units (associations) of the SCVOA. 

Authorized members may login to the site HERE.

Any SCVOA member may create their own user account. While most information on the site can be accessed without an account, members with accounts may create posts in the forums and may make public comments on some site content. Creating an account will also create an up-to-date membership list with correct and current contact information. Contact information supplied by general membership will not be displayed on the site but will be made available to board members.

To create an account on the SCVOA website follow this link:

Fill in your information for each question. At the bottom of the registration screen you will need to enter the registration code.  The registration code for your unit can be obtained from your unit's President or authorized board member.  To prevent unauthorized access you may not register for the site without a proper registration code.