Electronic equipment (Rule 9-2-1)

Cellular telephones & tablets are hand-held computers and are allowed to film a game, keep score at the bench or at the score table, record statistics, show a player on the bench a play or description of what the coach wants them to do (Rule 9-2-1) (Rule 11-3-2)

Electronic equipment cannot be used to convey information to a player on the court.


Constant light from a spectator's camera/cell phone:

SCVOA suggestion to deal with a player complaint or light staring you directly in eyes (from spectator/team equipment): Ask the Site Administrator to handle it.


See Rule 9-2-1.  Any area determined/designated for media/electronic equipment becomes a NON-PLAYABLE area even if it is on the playing floor.

For Media Personel {See SCVOA clarification}

Two cameras in the playing area,

One camera unattended,

One camera attended, person seated