Sanctions are allowed to be given from the time that the official(s) enter the visual confines of the playing area until the official(s) leaves the visual confines of the playing area at the conclusion of the match. If the match has ended, the individual may only be sanctioned with a disqualification. This does not require the official(s) to input any further information on the match score sheet. Instead the proper paperwork must be completed by that official(s) and sent to the unit president, area liaison and the unit assignor immediately (no later than 8:00 AM of the next business day).  

If any behavior occurs outside the visual confines of the playing area, it is the responsibility of the official(s) to contact the appropriate law enforcement agency, at their discretion.

If a head coach receives a yellow or red card during the match, they lose the right to stand, except as designated under Rule 12-2-6 A-C and Rule 12-2-5. If the head coach receives a yellow/red disqualification and there is any authorized school personnel, this newly designated head coach must remain seated, except as allowed by rule. Also note if any team member (while not a player) receives any card, the head coach must remain seated as mentioned above. 

ONLY head coaches are allowed to stand to coach during play. Officials must also understand and enforce the circumstances as to when an assistant coach may stand and what type of information an assistant coach may legally request from the R2. At no time should any coach be allowed to shout across the court or engage with the other members of the officiating crew in an unsporting manner or comment without receiving a verbal warning or a card.

Preventative officiating is a valuable tool and should be utilized by all officials. Consult Page 51-52 of the casebook.

If you have any further questions please contact your Unit Instructor.