Contrasting Libero Uniform (Rule 4-2-2)

Rule 4-2-2: The libero shall wear a uniform top that is immediately recognized from all angles as being in clear contrast to and distinct from the other members of the team.


Contrasting color if a Libero is on the court: (SCVOA- REMINDER NFHS Rule 4-2 page 18) Look for CONTRAST between the Libero uniform and the Team Uniform. There must be definite contrast.

Refer to the CIF State website to review a diagram on the Uniform Color Compliance Flowsheet Read the 3 situations under the heading. Don’t just look at flowchart.

When the uniform is not on the player, it is probably correct in measurement. When the player is wearing it, the type of material creates stretch, and the seams appear to be larger. (Page 18 Rule 4-2-c ) Let it go.

Penalties for illegal uniform (SCVOA REMINDER -NFHS Rule 4-PENALTIES page 19): Reminder…. If all players have illegal uniforms, the penalty is just 1-point penalty to start the match – it’s not 1 point per player. If the Libero is not in a legal uniform, the Libero does not play. (Casebook page 14-15-16 Legal Uniform situations)

SCVOA REMINDER: The NFHS Rule Book is written for the high school VARSITY level of play (NFHS Rule Book-Front Page): “The NFHS writes playing rules for varsity competition among student-athletes of high school age.” “In order to make NFHS rules skill-level appropriate, the rules may be modified……for children who are younger or less skilled than high school varsity athletes”.

Lower level play (JV & Frosh) can have leniency regarding the uniform. However, 2 things must be enforced:

  • There must be a permanent number on the uniform top.

  • If there is a Libero playing in the contest, the uniform top MUST contrast the team uniform.




When lying on a table or over a chair, the 2 uniforms appear ok.  However, when players are moving rapidly on the court, their constant movements blur the color.  Blue & green are from the same family as a blend.

This is the same photo shown both in color and in black-and-white to show the lack of contrast between the two different but NOT contrasting colors.