Administrator on Duty

The officials have been instructed to identify who that person is for the match. 

Please ask that person to identify themselves to the officials. (see Rule 12-3 Note)


1308 1        It is required for supervision to be present at all non-league, league, and playoff contestIt is strongly recommended that a certificated supervisor be assigned supervision.  However, in emergency situations when a certificated supervisor is not available, principals may allow an appointed staff member, who will be identified as the Contest Supervisor, to supervise the contest. A team shall not be recognized unless accompanied by a Contest Supervisor, who shall be responsible for the conduct of the teamThe responsibility for supervision is to be determined by the schools involved in the contest; however, it is strongly recommended that an administrator/designee from each school is present at all night contests.  For playoff contests, an administrator or designee from participating schools must be present.  The Contest Supervisor is required to introduce him/herself to the officials prior to the start of the contest and remain until the contest is over and all team members and spectators have departed.
1308 2        Contests held off campus, an administrator or Contest Supervisor representing each school must be present.  If the home school administrator or designee is not present at an off campus site, the game will not start.  If after 30 minutes from the established game time no home school administrator or designee is present, the home school shall forfeit the contest.  Violations by the visiting school administration will be referred to the Section Commissioner. Supervisors must remain on the premises until all athletes and spectators have departed. 
1309 1        Schools are responsible not only for the conduct of their own students at athletic events, but also for the development and display of proper attitudes and conduct on the part of alumni and other community groups which attend such contests.
1309 2        Unsportsmanlike conduct or other displays of improper behavior on the part of students, alumni, or community persons may result in forfeiture, probation, suspension, or other penalties to be determined by school officials and/or by the Board of Managers.
1309 3        All playoff contests, spectators must have appropriate attire, to include shirts, shorts (or other) and shoes.
1310 1        Designated home school is responsible for the supervision and general conduct of all spectators with the exception of the students from the visiting school.  Faculty, Los Angeles Police (or other Police Department) and School Police personnel shall be provided as needed.  Details to be coordinated with the visiting school shall include: seating, parking arrangements, traffic control, dressing facilities, towels etc.
1310 2        Designated home school shall be responsible for the preparation of the playing area and all supplies and equipment needed for conducting the contest.
1310 3        Schools shall furnish its own equipment for warm up periods.

All host schools are required to have adult supervision at all home games. It is someone employed by the district, either the AD, AP or teachers’ aid. The coach is not to supervise during the game. The supervisor must be there for the start of the match and visible. Here is the ruling from the CIF LA City Section:

It is recommended that the supervision of the host school inform the official of their presence to start the contest and whereabouts during the game.  Because supervision is a State mandate, it is the responsibility of the school administration to assign and ensure they are present. 

The officials are to contact the coach if there is a problem during the match.

The Section policy is to have the checks presented to the officials prior to the start of the contest by the home team supervision.
Should you have any questions or need clarification, contact the Section Office.
John Aguirre, Commissioner
CIF Los Angeles City Section