About Us

The Southern California Volleyball Officials' Association (SCVOA) is an organization created to govern, educate and train the high school volleyball officials in the California Interscholastic Federation - Southern Section (CIF-SS).  While a separate section in the CIF, the CIF-LA (Los Angeles Section), participates in the education and training provided by this group.

This body is comprised of the presidents of each member organization. The member organizations consist of Channel Coast, Coachella Valley, Foothill-Citrus, Inland, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Los Padres, Orange County, San Fernando, San Gabriel, South Bay, Upper Desert and Victor Valley. These member organizations or units are all geographically distributed throughout the Southern California region. The SCVOA has the ability to create, delete or redefine these geographical areas, as needed.

Each individual unit or association oversees their own geographical area (as defined by the SCVOA). Every association has their own slate of officers and governing rules and regulations, subsidiary to the SCVOA. The SCVOA, in turn, is subsidiary to the CIF-SS. Individual associations are responsible for assigning all regular season high school volleyball matches in their geographical area.

Education and training is unified throughout the SCVOA. Each association has a unit instructor that follows the curriculum and training guidelines, as set forth by the SCVOA Instructional Chairman on an annual basis. The SCVOA Instructional Chairman is appointed by the SCVOA, as provided in the SCVOA Constitution and Bylaws. The SCVOA Instructional Chairman is responsible for the unified education and training of all officials in the SCVOA.

As a whole, the SCVOA provides liability insurance for each and every member of each and every association in the SCVOA sphere of influence. Additionally, liability insurance is provided for each association board. A copy of this liability policy is available on this website.